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Ahmad Halabi

Top World Hacker in U.S. Dept of Defense, IBM and UAE.

Discovered 2,000+ Vulnerabilities in 200+ Private, Public, Military and Gov Sectors.

Managing Director at Resecurity ®.

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1st Rank in U.S. Dept of Defense

Rank 44th All Time World-Wide within 2 Exact Years

Rank 7 on HackerOne Leaderboard in 2020

Rank 1 in U.S. Defense Industrial Base

1st Rank in IBM

Hacked Hackers (HackerOne + Yogosha)


Got Acknowledged by more than 200 Well Known Companies for Reporting Security Vulnerabilities in their Online Services and Products.

Acknowledgements include Rewards, Certificates, Hall Of Fame and Swags.

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Certified Security Analyst

Certified Forensic Investigator



IDOR in Google APIs

Reported to Google – Published On: 10 Jun 2020

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